Organisation of IRAD

The Institute comprises two bodies: a Board of Directors and a General Directorate. The head office of IRAD is in Yaoundé and includes, in addition to the office of the General Director and the Deputy General Director, four (04) directorates, namely:

In addition, IRAD has numerous research infrastructures in different operational structures

(see map):

  • Five (05) Regional Research Centers in each of the five agro-ecological zones: Maroua (Zone 1), Wakwa (Zone 2), Bambui (Zone 3), Ekona (Zone 4) and Nkolbisson (Zone 5);

  • Three (03) specialized regional and international research centers: CEREPAH (Dibamba), CERECOMA (Kribi) and CEREFEN (Meyomessala);

  • Fourteen (14) Dynamic Research Stations: Garoua, Yagoua, Banyo, Dschang, Foumbot, Bangangté, Kumba, Njombe, Nko’olong, Abong Mbang, Nkoemvone, Meyomessala, Bertoua, Yokadouma;

  • Four (04) Specialized Research Stations: Mankon, Foumban and Limbe and the National Herbarium (Yaounde);

  • Thirty-six (36) Research Antennae; and

  • Ten (10) regional laboratories.

Geographical distribution of IRAD's operational structures