IRAD’s mission is to respond to the concerns of agricultural development actors (farmers, farmers, processors of agricultural, forestry and livestock products, traders, etc.) throughout the national territory. As a result, it conducts research activities aimed at promoting agricultural development in the fields of plant, animal, fish, wildlife, forest and environmental production. It is also responsible for developing agro-food and agro-industrial technological innovations (IRAD, 2007a).

The scientific outputs of these research activities include:

  • Documentation (articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, book chapters, theses and PhDs, papers at conferences, symposiums and other workshops, and  IRAD synthesis and internal activities reports);
  • Technological and agro-food and agro-industrial innovations ( plant accessions , pesticides and fertilizers, equipment, manufactured products such as ground coffee marketed by IRAD, etc.).

Agricultural research activities at IRAD are conducted through five scientific coordinations, under the hierarchy of the Scientific Research Department. The research activities are carried out by senior and junior researchers from about twenty research programs included in the various scientific coordinations. This research can be conducted by researchers from the same coordination or between researchers from several coordinations if necessary through uni-disciplinary or multidisciplinary programs. Activities are conducted in programs for more efficient and effective work.

Programmes de recherche.