Productions Animales et Halieutiques (PAH)

After independence and reunification, the Livestock and Fishery Coordination saw some evolvement like all the other Scientific Coordinations of IRAD. In 1965 ONAREST (Office National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique) was created. This institute saw the birth of nine other operational structures in 1974 in divers domain amongst others animal research. Here we are referring to IZPV (Institut de Recherche Zootechnique, Pastorales et Vétérinaires). The history of the Scientific Coordination for Animal Research is not different from that of the other Scientific Coordinations.
Two research institutes were being merged: livestock and crop research. It was said that the new institute will have a DG and a DGA and must come from the both institutions. And that the DGA had to have technical responsibilities. But later on the board of the resulting institute (IRAD), removed the technical responsibilities of the DGA by the creation of a scientific department. So in the initial IRAD, Dr Ayuk Takem Jacob and Dr Ngou Ngoupayou Jean Daniel were DG and DGA respectively. From the beginning, the two research institutions were pretty much respected in the leadership of IRAD. Since the creation of the Scientific Coordination for Animal Research (CSPAH), the following researchers Dr Ekue Ndomo Fabien (2003 – 2005), Dr Tanya Vincent (2005 – 2006), Dr Ndi Christopher (2006 – 2011), Dr Bayemi Henri (2011 – 2015) and Dr Etchu Kingsley Agbor (2015 – date) have headed the coordination respectively.

Objectifs et activités (Programmes de recherche)

Programs of the PAH Coordination

  1. Cattle (meat and milk) ;
  2. Monogastric (pigs, poultry, rabbits) ;
  3. Small Ruminants (goat and sheep) ;
  4. Fisheries and aquaculture (Tilapia and Clarias, coastal resources);
  5. Animal Health.


  1. Produce highly performing indigenous breeds, conserve and multiply animal genetic resources indigenous.
  2. Utilisation of new feed resources and agro-industrial by-products in ration formulation for all animal species at different stages of production.
  3. Studies on appropriate fishing methods & evaluation of techniques in fish pond management.
  4. Identify and study economically important disease entities affecting livestock with a view to develop proper control measures.
  5. Identify and improve traditional methods, treatment and prevention of livestock diseases.

Equipe de recherche

Au cours de l’année 2017-2018, la coordination des productions animales et halieutiques compte — chercheurs dont — en bovins, — en monogastriques, — en petits ruminants, — en santé animale et — en pêche et aquaculture.

Reseachers Technicians Livestock Attendance Mise en Stage
Male Female Male Female Male Female Ph.D M.Sc
220 116 446 112 113 03 01 01

Secteurs de recherche

Quelques innovations technologiques et techniques

Bovins (viande et lait)


Petits ruminants

Pêche et aquaculture

Santé animale