Internal Audit, Quality and Management ControI

The Division of Internal Audit of Quality and Management Control (DAIQCG) was created by Resolution N°000026/IRAD/CA/09/2020 of September 4, 2020 on the Organizational Chart of the Agricultural Research Institute for Development (IRAD). Placed under the authority of a Head of Division, DAIQCG is responsible for Administrative, Financial, Accounting, Technical and Management Control Audits.
In this capacity, the DAIQCG is responsible for/

  • developing and implementing internal audit policy;
  • verifying compliance with procedures, legislation and regulations in force;
  • evaluating the functioning of the departments and management systems;
  • monitoring the implementation of the external auditors' recommendations;
  • monitoring the reliability and fairness of accounting and financial information;
  • carrying out unannounced checks on the holders of funds and other assets belonging to IRAD;
  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of research programmes approved by the Board of Directors;
  • Implementing the Anti-Corruption Strategy within IRAD, in liaison with the relevant structures and bodies;
  • the execution of all other activities within his or her area of competence as assigned by the hierarchy;
  • management control.

To carry out its daily missions, the DAIQCG is composed of :

  • a Mission in charge of the Audit of the Administration, the Information System, Finance and Accounting (MAASIFIC);
  • a Mission in charge of the Audit of Research Programmes and Projects (APPR)
  • four (04) Auditors;
  • a Management Control Department;
  • a Secretariat of the Head of Division and
  • a Support Staff.

Contact details:
Internal Audit, Quality and Management Control Division
Tel: 677 859 461 / 698 951 659
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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