Policy and Programming Division

Placed under the authority of a Director, the Policy and Programming Division is responsible for:

  • monitoring the consistency of the activities of the various competent bodies in the programming and execution of research activities;
  • monitoring the centralization and conservation of all scientific output by researchers at the Institute;
  • the development of performance projects, performance reports and activity reports;
    to promote all activities relating to intellectual property;
  • coordination, development, monitoring and evaluation of post-secondary academic research internship offers;
  • the production of new knowledge on the functioning and performance of family farms and peasant organizations;
  • the development of methods and advisory support tools for farms and producer organizations;
  • the development of post-harvest processing and preservation technologies for agro-sylvo-pastoral products;
  • the analysis of the strategies and technico-economic routes of the stakeholders and the innovation process of the plant sectors;
  • promoting the production and dissemination of research results and products

She understands :

  • the Section of Prospective and Socio-Economic Analysis;
  • the Post-Harvest Technology Section;
  • the Accreditation and Certification Mechanism Section;
  • the Scientific Programming and Intellectual Property Unit;
  • a Research Officer.

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