Specialized Station for Botanical Research/National Herbarium of Cameroon (SSRB-HCN)

Created since 1948-1950, the National Herbarium of Cameroon (HNC), called Specialized Station of Botanical Research (SSRB) since the Resolution of the Board of Directors of IRAD of September 4, 2020, has as vision to participate in the emergence of Cameroon by 2035 through an optimal management of its biodiversity and to increase the knowledge and collections of the flora of Cameroon.


This important scientific and cultural heritage has the following missions

- Increase the collection of the SSRB-HNC;

- Increase the publication of the volumes of the Flora of Cameroon;

- To update the phytogeographic map of Cameroon;

- Accompany the different technical administrations in their missions of control, sustainable and more profitable management of biodiversity.

- To increase the capacity of the personnel, with the impact of increasing the scientific publications of the SSRB-HNC researchers and the elevation to higher ranks and also contribute to the training of botanists in Cameroon and beyond.

Main activities

- Identification of Cameroonian flora species

- Training on the identification and conservation techniques of the flora

- Reforestation and land management

- Construction of nurseries and botanical gardens

- Monitoring and evaluation of research projects

Operational units

- Systematic botany

- Phyto-geography / Phytosociology

- Geomatics and biometry/ Climate change

- Flora-fauna relationship, Conservation

- Forensic/ Monitoring/ Biotechnology

- Ethnobiology and equitable benefit sharing mechanisms

- Forestry/ Seed bank/ Land use planning and management

Ongoing key research projects

- Conservation of Microberlinia bisulcata A.Chev., a critically endangered tree species endemic in Cameroon - from 2020 to 2023, funded by the Franklinia Foundation for 91,000 Euros.

- Natchigal Hydropower Cooperation Project: Collection of 556 specimens belonging to 75 families, 174 genera, and 300 species. 2019 à 2020.

- African Plant Initiative (API) from 2005 to 2006, funded by the Melon Foundation for US$ 50,000;

- South-Expert Plant Project (SEP) from 2008 to 2012, funded by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) in the amount of 60,000 Euros.

Some completed projects

- Global Environment Facility- from 1996 to 2000, funded by the World Bank to the tune of US$ 200,000

- International Network of African Herbariums (RIHA) from 2004 to 2007, financed by the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) for an amount of US$ 140,000.

Achievements and results

- A collection of 70,000 specimens

- A phytogeographic map of Cameroon

- Creation of a seed bank with 228,808 seeds belonging to 35 families

- Publication of 40 volumes of the Cameroon flora series.

- Creation of a carp and xylotheque.

Contact :

PO BOX. 1601 Yaounde

Tel./Fax : (237) 222 22 33 62/ 222 23 26 44.

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