Human Resources Department

Under the authority of a Director, the Human Resources Department is responsible for implementing human resources management, pay management and staff training policies. Its mission is to implement tools, systems and methods for recruiting, retaining, developing, strengthening capacities and promoting skills, as well as processing pay.

In this respect, it is responsible for

  • the administrative management of human resources
  • implementation of social policy
  • implementation of the payroll policy
  • implementing the legal provisions relating to the settlement of the rights of deceased, retired and returned staff to their original administrations.
  • developing and implementing the training plan and ensuring its evaluation
  • ensuring training and development of skills;
  • Provide elements for the selection and recruitment of staff in line with IRAD's missions and objectives;
  • Provide elements of internal mobility;
  • Promoting skills and setting up career plans;
  • to implement a policy of forward-looking management of jobs and skills;
  • contributing to the building of a corporate culture in liaison with other directorates and departments;
  • producing the social balance sheet in conjunction with the other departments of the Human Resources Department.

It comprises :

  • the Secretariat ;
  • the Sub-Directorate for Pay and Pensions
  • the Sub-Directorate of Human Resources Development
  • the Medical Centre.
  • the Pay Department
  • the Pensions and Social Action Department
  • the Career Management Department.
  • the Training Department
  • the Pensions Office;
  • the Social Welfare Office.
  • the Career Management Office;
  • the Disciplinary Office.

Contact for further information
Directorate of Human Resources (DRH)
Director's contact Tel: +237 699 32 30 38
Office/address: Nkolbisson, B.P. 2123 Yaoundé
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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