IRAD has very high quality researchers, with convincing results

On July 13, 2022, the expert and Head of Technical Assistance Unit of the General Secretariat of the OEACP (EU body), on a working mission in Yaounde, Alessandro BELLO, did not hide his wonderment at the quality of the researchers and managers of the Institute he met as well as the convincing results of the research that go beyond Cameroon that he had to touch with his finger, during a visit to the laboratories (LASPEE, LTAA) of the structure headed by Dr. Noé WOIN. Noé WOIN under the impulse of MINFI headed by Louis Paul MOTAZE and MINRESI managed by Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE. Read more!
"At the end of our visit, we note that IRAD (Agricultural Research Institute for Development) has a lot of potential and does many things with the means at its disposal. It is really an institute that brings development in many sectors of activity in Cameroon. We were amazed by this enthusiasm and the convincing results. IRAD has a very high quality and qualified staff (researchers), with competent leaders. We saw incredible potential in the human resource.
However, this institute needs the means to improve its infrastructure and research laboratories in order to acquire the experience that the country needs for its emergence. Within the framework of the programs of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP), our objective is to help the Ministry in charge of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI) to develop the strategy of research and innovation for the country, having an impact in the development and in the Research, because it is the engine of the economy that contributes to the creation of wealth. Therefore, we have no doubt that with a little more effort IRAD will be the locomotive of Cameroon. The one that will further boost national economic development.
And in the same logic, after their passage at IRAD, Mrs. Vanessa CASADELLA acknowledges to Canal2 International that: "The potential for innovation is real. We have really seen the extent of IRAD's activities in the country, but also their impact in Africa as a whole. We are now going to encourage and accelerate through concrete tools to be able to fluidify the elements between the tools. And, eventually, make IRAD a much more representative structure. The recognition of IRAD's research potential by foreign experts corroborates the adage: "No one is ever a prophet in his own home".

It should be noted that thepanel of experts of the OEACP in collaboration with the European Union (EU) led by Professor David SIMO stayed in Cameroon to see how to provide technical support to the government, through MINRESI managed by Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTÉ, in the establishment of a national strategy of research and innovation.

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