Visit of the General Manager to Wakwa

The DG of IRAD, Dr Noé WOÏN, on a 3-day working visit to the Agricultural Research Center (ARC) of Wakwa.

Accompanied by senior researchers, Dr. Noé WOÏN made a working visit, from March 1 to 3, 2021, in the Operational Structure of the Institute located in the city of Ngaoundéré (Adamaoua region). For a productive and competitive research, he gave priority to cattle, pig, beekeeping, aquaculture and poultry production.

According to the Director General of IRAD, the objective of this visit is to touch the difficulties encountered in the field by researchers and especially to reframe them for a more productive and competitive research.

Thus, researchers have been oriented in the direction of a research in line with the vision 2035 of the government and the National Development Strategy (SND30). "The results of IRAD must help the country to move forward in socio-economic terms. It is necessary to transform post-harvest agricultural products for the development of the country," he recommended to the thirty young researchers of the CRA of Wakwa, on March 1, 2021.

This was an opportunity for the Director of Research to present the priorities of the Institute, the secular arm of the State in agricultural development, likely to respond to import-substitution.

Visit of the nursery for the production of cashew seedlings...

To do this, the DG will ask these young people to leave the specialties chosen in faculty to launch into related areas of research in fallow (including aquaculture, beekeeping, fruit processing ...) and able to provide solutions to the current needs of populations.

Senior researchers Dr. DONGMO Thomas and Dr. SULEM YONG Steve, experts in animal production and aquaculture respectively, shared their expertise (continuous capacity building, attitude of a good researcher, current research opportunities in Wakwa, reflex to adapt to the context...) with the research whites.

Visit to the ox corral

The IRAD-Wakwa Center is very rich in animal and plant production activities and was visited by the DG and his entourage. Led by the head of the Center, Dr. OUMAROU PALOU, the guests of the day visited the nursery for the production of cashew and Acacia senegal (gum arabic) plants as well as other fruit trees (papaya solo, guava, mango, volkameriana lemon... ) and plantain plants, the corral with different breeds of cattle (Wakwa, Namdjis, Mbororo, Bokolo and Boudalé), the lake with high fish farming potential in the locality, the sprinkler irrigation system, the animal health laboratories (research units), the adaptability plot for Brachiaria varieties, the poultry pen (chickens, geese and guinea fowl), the pig pen, the storage warehouse for improved yam varieties, the agri-food laboratory for processing organic ginger produced locally.

As a reminder, the CRA of Wakwa is in charge of the implementation of activities on cattle, animal health and wildlife. It also ensures the conduct of research for the diversification of the agricultural production potential of this area in the areas of annual and perennial crops, production systems and forests, soil and environment.

By Pierre AMOUGOU 

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